tasted recently

tasted-a-good-wine-recently-snooth-it1I have been tasting recently some really great wines. (well, I think so anyway) Having been invited to a BBQ at the weekend and I know that some of my friends like full bodied wines, I decided to take along with me a bottle of Gemtree Uncut Shiraz.

The name intrigued me just as much as the wine.

We had some steak grilled on the BBQ with delicious Italian salad including sun dried tomatoes and artichokeswhich I love. The wine was made for the meal- delicious.gemtree-vineyards-uncut-shiraz-mclaren-vale-australia-10118653

The smell of ripe cherries, plums and liquorice with perhaps some spice coming through, I thought for a moment that I should have kept the bottle for myself. You know what I mean, you take in the bouquet again and again, just savouring the depth of character and then take a sip and finding that the character in the mouth really does make this an outstanding find. The pepperyness is subtle and the aftertaste long. I tasted a hint of cloves as well as dark plums.

This Uncut Shiraz comes from  a mature low yielding vineyard in the heart of McLaren Vale. Some of the vines are 80 years old which of course reduces the yield and helps make this wine special. This Shiraz is aged also in French oak barrels for around 16 months which adds of course to the quality.


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