Wolf Blass tasting

The other day I was privileged to be a tasting event given by the chief winemaker of Wolf Blass, Chris Hatcher. He was in London to receive some awards for his wines – and what a charming man he is – really passionate about styles, quality and enjoyment for us us the consumer.

If you have never tried a bottle of Wolf Blass, you must give them a go. I think they are all excellent value, from the everyday style to have with a daily meal to the more complex range which can be kept for special occasions in the future.

Some of the vines on the Wolf Blass estates are over 170 yrs old, which makes them the oldest vines in the world. And of course, these would be non Phylloxera ( the louse that devasted the majority of vineyards thoughout europe in the 1880’s).

I was particularily impressed with the Silver and Gold range of reds. The Silver, a blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec comes from 2 regions,  Langhorne Creek and Mc Laren Vale. The cool evenings of langhorns Creek slows down the ripening and delivers to us a great wine with dark berry fruits, good length and structure, soft and plaesing tannina and ideal with roasts and some game. This wine will age well.

Oh, if you thought I had made a mistake mentioning Malbec, this variety has been in Australia longer than it has in Argentina.

Malbec on the vine

Another outstanding wine I tasted (well tasted this one several times) was the Wolf Blass Gold Label Shiraz. It was delightful, filled with spicy yet soft dark fruits,of an intense mix of  plums and dark berry fruits with a hint of perfumed  frangrance, long on aftertaste and I will say it again, delightful. The wine is aged in French oak which perfects the finish.

This Shiraz cames from the Barossa Valley with its Mediterranean Climate which is ideal for variety. The vineyards are between 300-500 metres.

Wolf Blass Wine short Banner Occassion

I hope you will give these a try. I feel sure you will not be disappointed

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