Eating and drinking

Having a great meal with friends either at home or in a restaurant and chatting about so many things is one of life’s real pleasures (until you get the bill) and there is really nothing nicer than having a bottle of wine or two that compliments what you are eating.

Nobody can tell you what is best to drink with a certain food. It is all up to your personal likes but there are some very good guidelines that we can all follow. We know that most wines are produced to go with food and many wine regions, the styles of wines compliment the local cuisines.

Of course there isn’t any single choice of wine that must be drunk with a certain dish, but some are definitely a  better match than others.

If you are someone who loves a great meaty dish, say a steak or roast lunch,  pair the meal with a wine that is tannic (you know, the feeling of the wine on your teeth and gums- the drying feeling) Try a good Cabernet Sauvignon or a Shiraz from Australia.

If you like salty foods, try a sweet wine and of course, sweet dishes need a sweet wine to compliment. Blue cheese and a glass of Port is an ideal match.

Foods that are high in acid (some fish dishes, tomato salads) match these meals with a wine that has good acidity too. NZ Sauvignon Blanc of Sancerre from France.

Food 012

A few weeks ago now, after a long meeting,  I was treated to a delicious Thai meal, spicy and yet not too hot, and we enjoyed tasting a few wines. Sauvignon Blanc matched very well and so did a Gewurztraminer from Austria. (makes me feel hungry just writing about these wines)

Go on, experiment, you may finds some surprising results. I would like to hear what you have tried.

Squid salad

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