time to shine with sherry

Cocktails are a great way to experiment with many types of drinks, and in my opinion, sherry is one of the fun ways to make a memorable cocktail. Sherry, whether dry, sweet or anything in between, can make many great cocktails. The key is to balance the sweet and dry. For example, if you are using sweet mixers, go for a dry sherry so that the finished cocktail is not cloyingly sweet.

Some of the best alcohol spirit pairings with sherry are Irish whisky, Bourbon and Scotch whisky. Brandy and Vermouths are great too.

A delicious cocktail is to try an Amaretto with a nutty dry Oloroso……… superb.


But try this Cocktail. Ideal for Valentines ….or any occasion

Flame of Love Cocktail said to be Frank Sinatra’s Favourite drink.

75 ml of vodka

15ml of dry sherry and an orange twist.

Make in the same way as you would a Martini. Stir in large iced mixing glass. Strain into a chilled martini glass

Simple and delicious!!!



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