Let’s start at the very beginning

You may wonder why I have started this Blog. Well, it has been written with you in mind, partly because you are or maybe new to the wine world and also that the world of wine is like a romance and when you start your journey, you never know where you will end up.


Let me give you an example. Many years ago now I was asked where Liebfraumilch came from. (the time when this wine was very popular). I answered the question “Germany” . It wasn’t until later on that day I realised that of course it comes from Germany. But from where in Germany?

This sparked an interest that has carried on now for many years. I looked up books on German wines, tried the wines at home, studied for wine exams and was then able to tutor at wine classes and hold talks and events around the country, as well as visiting many wine regions too. So you see, wine is a passion, a love, every taste is different, every colour offers you an experience to look into the world of young and fruity wines right through to aged and delicate wines that have perhaps rested quietly in a cellar for decades.


Enjoy this Blog. Ask questions. And then ask some more.

The world of wine is constantly changing.





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